Movie Night


“Everything is free except the video that we capture of you – that we own!”

Un portret fascinant al istoriei recente a umanitatii afectate de tehnologie, acest film documenteaza experimentele extreme ale unui “Warhol al internetului” care la inceputul anilor ’90 a prezis un viitor in care oamenii isi vor afisa vietile online.
…“People don’t want 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime. People want 15 minutes of fame everyday”
Suna cunoscut cu ce se intampla acum? facebook, myspace, twitter, Big Brother?
Ne intrebam ce urmeaza…

Un film prezentat de Laura Chifriuc, arhitecta/designer, in practica curenta face experimente spatiale si cercetare urbana. Este interesata de filme ce prezinta realitati sociale.

Unde: Make a Point (incinta Postavaria Romana), Morarilor 1. Sector 2. Bucuresti. 022451. Romania

Cand: Joi, 18 noiembrie 2010. Incepem la ora 20:00.

Intrarea libera!

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Bucharest Biennale


The Bucharest Art Biennial is right at the corner. It gathers a promising list of artists and cool events. It will be my first time attending so…i’m pretty excited.
Here are some of the artists i’m looking forward to see:
Madame and Little Boy / Magnus Bärtås
Workarounds- The Politics of Everyday Life / Field Work
The Mirroring Cure / Charlotte Ginsborg
Julie / Fia-Stina Sandlund
Riot City-Parking Lot Landscape / Lan Tuazon
Otolith Group
Directions / Martin Beck
Wartime Knitting Circle / Sabrina Gschwandtner
Spectral Aerosion / Société Réaliste
An Infinite Blue / Stefan Constantinescu