Joshua Kirsch


Animated sculptures (don’t really know how to name them – pretty spectacular!!)

Sympathetic Resonance at Princeton University from Joshua Kirsch on Vimeo.

Jean-Michel Basquiat


Jean-Michel Basquiat is the first American painter whose works appeared in the form of graffiti on the streets, subways and cars of gaskets in common carriage of New York. Basquiat was the most successful of the so-called ” street artists “, his works came in the first part of the’80, in New York galleries.

A major reference source used by Basquiat throughout his career was the book Gray’s Anatomy which he was given in the hospital as a child. It remained influential in his depictions of internal human anatomy, and in its mixture of image and text. Other major sources were Dreyfuss’ Symbol Sourcebook, Leonardo Da Vinci‘s notebooks, and Brentjes African Rock Art.

Bucharest Biennale


The Bucharest Art Biennial is right at the corner. It gathers a promising list of artists and cool events. It will be my first time attending so…i’m pretty excited.
Here are some of the artists i’m looking forward to see:
Madame and Little Boy / Magnus Bärtås
Workarounds- The Politics of Everyday Life / Field Work
The Mirroring Cure / Charlotte Ginsborg
Julie / Fia-Stina Sandlund
Riot City-Parking Lot Landscape / Lan Tuazon
Otolith Group
Directions / Martin Beck
Wartime Knitting Circle / Sabrina Gschwandtner
Spectral Aerosion / Société Réaliste
An Infinite Blue / Stefan Constantinescu

Comme des Garçons


Rei Kawakubo is a Japanese fashion designer, founder of Comme des Garçons. With no training in fashion design, she created clothes with a modus operandi more familiar to conceptual art than to fashion. Despite her radical approach, or maybe because of it, Comme des Garçons is today a great success, commercially as well as artistically. Forty years later, she’s still at the forefront of fashion, doing her very own thing with the same uncompromising ideals and method.

The stores are nothing less then impressive. Here some examples

The moving pavilion of Comme des Garçons in Paris:

Los Angeles Store: