Neri Oxman


Founder of Materiology

One stunning personality. The 33-year-old has created FAB.REcology, a fabrication machine that changes the very nature of a material as it is printed, taking the process far beyond the current abilities
of rapid prototyping.

“Imagine you are feeding concrete into the machine and you have some sort of mechanism that controls its density,” Oxman says. “The concrete can come out very dense and thick, or it can come out very porous.” Areas that are load bearing would be solid, while those that provide ventilation and light would be permeable, dramatically reducing material redundancy and energy demands. “The architect becomes this composer that controls material distribution,” she says. “It’s no longer about the shape of a building but rather its behavior.” And though Oxman is now limited to feeding the relevant environmental data into the machine at the lab, she imagines the technology evolving into a giant robot that would survey conditions and print a building on-site.

Presentation for SeedMagazine: Revolutionary Minds

Pop Tech Presentation on Designing Form:


Plastic Nation


I spent this morning reading about a research project developed by terreform new york architecture organization called “Plastic Nation” trying to develop new design methods for synthetic materials.

The results are far from being something trully innovative, but through it i discovered the intense frenzy around using plastic bottles as design/construction materials – had no idea it’s extended soo much. The problem that i always had with this material is that the end result usually looks amatory and kitch.

Well…not anymore! A designer called Aurora Robson totally changed my view on plastic bottles.

Check video out:


These days i spent a lot of time on the so i thought of putting here the videos that stuck with me.

First up is an exhibition called “Master of the rituals”. Simply loved the first project – i’d buy them for my own kitchen

One of the most impressive organized art exhibitions, with a strong concept on top of that

Sander Mulder’s Archetype designs -definitely deserve it’s place here, and that only taking into account the lamp design.



This is an old prototype conceived in 2008 for a design competition and we didn’t get to show it much.

The starting point for this concept was the movie Fahrenheit 451 which gravitates around the importance of books in a world that tends to completely lose its spirit; a symbolic image of a human being becoming a book.
The way we expressed it was using a metallic shell that takes the shape of a book. This simplistic shape during the day turns into an “unlighted” message in the dark.

The Object is conceived to be easily assembled by the user. It can come in multiple shapes and messages.

“Manuscripts don’t burn” but illuminate 🙂

Chimera design team: Laura Chifiriuc, Alexandra Mihailciuc & Traian Despoiu